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Legal translation is one of the most demanding fields of translation.

Legal documents
, such as contracts and agreements, require the utmost attention to detail and professionalism, in order to ensure a legal translation that is loyal to the source, lucid and accurate.


Legal translation service our translation experience:

Legal translation services to law offices and notaries, as well as to private clients.

Translation of contracts, statement of claims, affidavits, agreements, domestic partnership agreements, divorce agreements, employment contracts, contractual agreements: contact us

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Translation of laws and regulations, translation of verdicts, patent registrations, licenses, specialist reports, powers of attorney, real-estate sale or purchase agreements, lease agreements.


Notarized Translation

Notarization by a notary public certifies the authenticity of the translation.

The translation must be professional, accurate and loyal to the source before submittal to the notary.


· When is a notarization of a translation required?

When filing a request for a foreign passport, in immigration procedures, in procedures of requesting and receiving student visas, etc.


· Which documents mostly oblige notarization?

Birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, academic certificates, diplomas, grade sheets, registration extracts, bachelor certificates, medical opinions, various contracts and agreements.

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In addition to notarization, often an Apostille seal is also required.


What is an Apostille?

In 1961, many western countries coordinated positions regarding the validity of official documents, including documents notarized by a notary public. The Convention these countries entered determined that the validity of the official documents will be certified when accompanied by a government seal of the country of origin; this seal is known as an Apostille (in French: "approval").


Following the notarization of the document, and in order to be accepted by a different country as an official document, it must be submitted to the designated authority for an Apostille seal. The sole purpose of an Apostille is to verify the authenticity of the signature on the document, the authority of the signatory on the document and the identity of every signature or authority appended to the document.

The Apostille is attached as an appendix to the official document, or imprinted into the body of the document.


An Apostille seal is issued upon demand.

All forms of documents may be submitted to receive an Apostille seal, including:

Agreements and powers of attorney.

Certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death, integrity).

Passports, identity cards.

Adoption approvals.

Depositions, title deeds and wills.

Certificates of apprenticeship and contractual agreements.

Grants, titles, certificates and transcripts.

Baptism certificates, certificate of conversion.

Deeds of sale and proof of ownership.

Corporate documents and memorandum clauses.

Executions of will.

Sentences and injunctions.

Compensation approvals.


Plans and blueprints.

Letters of mandate and permit.

Personal documents and administration papers.

Parchments attesting to family tree.

and more


Translation of Documents

Translation of official documents (legal documents)

Before traveling abroad, moving to a different country, undertaking studies abroad, international business, marriage between citizens of different countries, are just some the cases requiring translation of formal certificates, such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, registration extracts, criminal records, bachelor/spinster certificate or divorce certificate, etc.

We prepare the certificates for notarization and apostille services.


Academic Certificates Translation

Translation of academic certificates is of utmost importance when applying for studies abroad, when submitting candidacy for a position in a foreign country, and when exhibiting your skills in the international market. Your fields of study, your degree and specialty must all be clear and comprehensible.

We prepare the certificates for notarization and apostille services.


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