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In Israel, the French-speaking population is growing substantially. Today, it is becoming more necessary than ever to reach the French-speaking population; the local market, with its vast range of sectors and products, is bustling with French. Professional translations of contracts and agreements, translation of food menus, lists of hotels and restaurants, tourism brochures and company profiles, all facilitate credible and comprehensible communication with French speakers

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French belongs to the group of languages to have originated from Latin (including, among others: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian), and had developed in the days of the Roman Empire.


During French colonialism, the French language was widely spoken around the world, while today it is the native tongue of 77 million people. French is the most spoken language in many countries, spanning a number of continents. Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, North – West – and Central Africa are only some of the places in which French is the main language.


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